The Heart of the Village is a Vermilyea family-owned business. Our parents bought the property in 1944. It had two houses on it, and our large family occupied both of them. Only one bathroom and four bedrooms served all ten of us. But we loved growing up here. We were in a small town, close to the beach, and there were lots of kids in the neighborhood. What could be better than that?
Since 1998, one sister and three brothers have owned and operated the business. An office occupies the greater part of one of the buildings. Two apartments are leased on an annual basis. The third one, Apartment D, is reserved for family members and for vacation travelers.
A lot has changed in Carlsbad since three brothers roamed the neighborhood in 1950. We often hear from our guests that we were lucky to grow up here. But then, we knew that!
Heart of the Village
Carlsbad, California
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